Q: What is Pachislot?
A: Pachislot or Pachislo (パチスロ) in Japan are Slot Machines that can be played in Pachinko Parlors. Pachislot is also known to other countries as Skill Slot.

Q: What are the special features of Pachislot compare to Slot Machine in other countries?
A: The charming of Pachislot compare to Slot machine in another country is that it has a kind of story element that progress according to the result of your action
that you pull off after hitting the start lever which is very fun and exciting to watch on Pachislo`s LCD Screen.

Q: Do Pachislot Machine in sugoi-itemshop.com required medal(coins) to play or not?
A: Due to some countries and states by laws&regulation consider gameplay with coins to be a gamble activity which is illegal so by default every Pachislot Machine in our store will be installed with modification that not allowed
the machine to accept the coins but instead in order to get required credits to play you will only need to hit the button only which is also a big benefit that gets rid of a hassle that required you to open
the Machine door to refill the coins each time you hit the Bonus (Jackpot)

Q: But what if my country or state are allowed the gameplay with coins?
A: If you want to play with a medal, You can contact us that you prefer your machine to play with real coins, then we will include 500pieces of a medal in the package for you instead of
No coin mod module.